Updated: 4th October 2007


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Forthcoming Shows

4th November 2007: Under The Boardwalk, Snig Hill, Sheffield

17th November 2007: What's Cookin', The Sheepwalk, London


Posted: 21st January 2007

 Something for those Long Nights?

You're no doubt all looking for something to while away those cold

winter evenings so we've recorded not one but two new tracks and added

them to our MySpace where you can listen to them for free. So grab

yourself some mulled wine or maybe even a fine port, sit back and immerse

yourself in an aural extravaganza (maybe).


Posted: 1st September 2006

 It's Been a While...

Yes, we're still here and, no, the record deal didn't quite happen but we're

not the types to let such trivial matters get us down so we've spent the summer

months writing new tunes and hope to debut one or two at our first Autumn

gig later this month (see above). We've also found the time to record one of them

(the snappily titled "The Glue that Kept You Content by My Side") and it

can be heard in full (for free!) on our MySpace account. Enjoy.


Posted: 5th February 2006

 Full Length Tracks Now available...

Head over to where you can download full versions of four

of our songs including forthcoming vinyl release 'Let Your River Flow' which

is to be released on 'Bad Sneakers' Records. Release date TBC.


Posted: 8th January 2006

 For Your Listening Pleasure...

Head to the 'Listen' section to check out the new songs. We're most pleased

with the results - why not let us know what you think? Full length versions

should be available in the near future.


Posted: 3rd January 2006

 Traumatised Loudmouth Soup to Come out of Hibernation

We are now preparing to come out of our cosy nests, brush ourselves

down, and get ready to mate! All is going well with the new tunes and

we hope to put some snippets on the web site some day soon. Two local shows

should get us back in the mood:

Faversham, Leeds - 18
January 2006 (With ‘Your Vegas’)
The Packhorse (Woodhouse Lane), Leeds - 17
February 2006 (With Feelies Inc)

Also, we are hoping to soon announce a London show at an Alt-Country

club night. Keep yer eyes peeled for details.


Posted: 23rd December 2005

 Seasons Greetings

Hope y'all have a relaxing time ready for a Soup

onslaught in the spring.. xx


Posted: 28th November 2005

 New Recordings

Hey people - sorry for the silence.. We've been in the studio,

spending our hard earned Channel 4 cash (sorry, I will stop

mentioning it soon!!) We've recorded four corking tunes which we will

be mixing and mastering from now..


I am really excited about these tunes - we've locked Marv in the
studio to indulge himself in the necessary tweekery to make 'em sound

nice.. You should get to cast your cultured ears over them in early

2006.. The rest of us have been watching re-runs of 'Jeeves & Wooster'

picking up turns of phrase and fashion tips! BH


Posted: 14th September 2005

 September Update

Hello Soup fans (and general surfers of the World Wide Web)! We

thoroughly enjoyed the somewhat raucous Leeds show with 10,000Things

the other weekend and are looking forward to the unveiling of the Soup

masterplan over the coming weeks..

Also, I myself have been indulging in some internet geekery over the

last week or two and am pleased to see that following our mauling

by a three-foot, bespectabled bear on the telly - quite a few of

you guys are talking about us in your seedy chatrooms!

Cheers people - makes us all warm inside... BH


Posted: 17th August 2005

 10,000 Things + Loudmouth Soup + The Smokestacks

The Faversham, Leeds - 27th August

 Leeds favourite rock 'n' rollers should make this a lively one. Probably not one

to bring your mums and dads to though! Bad Sneakers club night follows on afterwards.


Posted: 12th August 2005

 Radio 1

 Apparently Chris Moyles has been playing Skydiver

on Radio1.. How very bizarre!


Posted: 29th July 2005

 Nice Fest 2

The Faversham, Leeds - 7th August

 A wealth of musical talent on show from 4pm (we're on stage around 10pm) including

Lucky Jim, The Tailors, Benjamin Wetherill, The Wilbrahams and Cardboard Cowboy.

Should be a great day. Advance tickets are £5 and can be ordered online from Ents 24

Posted: 9th July 2005

 Versus + Loudmouth Soup

The Marquee Club, London - 21st July

 Our London live debut and a great venue to boot. Tickets are priced at £6.00

and can be pre-ordered from TicketWeb

Posted: 7th July 2005

 'A Bear's Tail'

 We are currently making a (brief) appearance in each episode of the new channel 4

comedy 'A Bear's Tail' for which our track 'Skydiver' is being used as the main theme.

Show airs at 10:30 every Friday and runs from 8th July through 12th August. Be sure

to set those VCRs!

Posted: 23rd May 2005

 Acoustic Show

The Faversham, Leeds - 5th June 2005

 Our first all acoustic show.  It's free and we're on pretty early so try to get down. 


Jeff Klein + Loudmouth Soup

Josephs Well, Leeds - 21st June 2005

The New York singer songwriter comes to Leeds


Also in the Soupline

We've been invited down to London to play an alt country night

called "Heartworn Fridays" - Dates TBA

And finally (best until last) we're also off to the big smoke in early June to to

be filmed for our TV debut. We will divulge more soon.

Posted: 15th January 2005

 James Yorkston + Loudmouth Soup

The Faversham, Leeds - 5th February 2005!


What a great night this will be, tickets on sale at usual outlets.  James Yorkston is signed

to Domino Recordings and released his second album at the back end of last year.  If you

have not heard him before – you’re really missing out.  Also appearing is fellow Domino

artist King Creosote.


Over the Christmas period the Soup have been rehearsing, writing and drinking heavily. 

However, the recording studio is booked and we will be recording our second single during

the first week of February..


Posted: 21st November 2004

The Golden Virgins + Loudmouth Soup

The Faversham, Leeds - 12th December 2004!


The event’s called Nice Fest, it features bands, DJ’s and films – and is not a run of the

mill gig. Headlining we have The Golden Virgins – who recently released their debut album

on XL Recordings (White Stripes/Dizzie Rascal etc), played all the major festivals this

summer (Leeds, Reading, Glastonbury etc), and are genuinely on the verge of greatness.


Then it’s us!!


There are also Tenderloin and the Hudsons, making up a superb line-up of bands.  Films

being shown include:  ‘Wilco – I am trying to break your heart’ and ‘Heartworn Highways’

starring Steve Earle and Townes VanZandt.


This show is the first of this type that I’m aware of in Leeds and will be perfect quirky and

laid-back comedown from the Electro-punk frenzy at Nasty Fest the night before.  There

also may be a reduction in admission for those bringing their Nasty Fest tickets from the

previous night.

Posted: 16th October 2004

The Blueskins + Loudmouth Soup

The Faversham, Leeds - Friday, 5th November 2004


This is the official reopening of the famous Fav.  Domino recording artists The Blueskins

are playing along with yours truly – followed by the club night.  This should be a stormer

and also very busy – be there early!!


Posted: 2nd October 2004

Loudmouth Soup + The Nervous Shakedown

The Faversham, Leeds - 16th October 2004


We’re on last but also check out those crazy rockers the Nervous Shakedown + Astral

Flyers, followed by Bad Sneakers club night. This night is in conjunction with Dazed &

Confused magazine.


We have also recently finished mixing our potential second single People/Labrador –

watch this space…  sounding great!

Posted: 16th June 2004

Loudmouth Soup + The Nervous Shakedown

The Packhorse Hotel, Leeds - 10th July 2004


Hi y'all - the rarest of live acts (us that is!!) have planned a soiree at the Packhorse Hotel

on Woodhouse Lane on the 10th July.


If you are in the area and fancy a life changing experience, we recommend enrolling at

the University over the road.  If you want everything to stay the same and you enjoy your

music ramshackle, dirty, and full of beans, then the Packhorse is for you. Support as

ever is from our erstwhile chums, the amplific mayhem mongrels AKA The Nervous



Posted: 5th March 2004

Single Release

Skydiver / Narcolepsy


The Soup are to release their debut single Skydiver / Narcolepsy on Gumbo Recordings

on March 22nd.


It will be available at selected shops and by mail order from the website.  From the

feedback we’ve already had, it should go down a storm. Future press reviews will be

featured on this site. Hope you like it!!