Artscene - April 2004 (West Yorkshire)

'Skydiver' / 'Narcolepsy' Single review

Reviewed by: Vic Allen

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You are now in possession of the debut release from ‘Loudmouth Soup’, their last stab at musical integrity before they make a living doing jingles for carpet warehouse adverts...” That’s what it says on the blurb that accompanies this (colour of the moment) lime green CD single.


There are two tracks (‘Skydiver’ and ‘Narcolepsy’) that between them last less than nine minutes; and, truth told, they’re not bad - a testament to the musical strength of a drummer who isn’t tempted to be flashy. (“I could be persuaded to listen to that again,” said my better half).


‘Loudmouth Soup’ claims to be ‘well supported’ on the Leeds gig scene; and if that’s true it’s reassuring to know that there are people out there willing to endure this nostalgic blend of good old boys rock and second-­hand ‘Kinks’ harmonies.


You’ll have to order it via the web, though, if you’re curious. It’s certainly more successful than the lead singer’s thin-Jagger vocals are going to be on Classic FM’s advertising breaks. All together now: “Axminster Cathedral, you’re getting me down...”.