Baby Tiger - May 2004 (Edinburgh)

'Skydiver' / 'Narcolepsy' Single review

Reviewed by: Dr Eustacius Lomas

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It's fair to say that "The Soup", as they call themselves, are taking no prisoners when it comes to grabbing attention. The sleeve is bright green, the CD is bright green and the notes...well, not that green. But they are certainly unique, which is deserving of some attention.


Assuming you can stop sniggering at the suggestion that the drummer is kept awake by "attaching electrodes to his plums", you'll find there's two really rather good songs here. For instance, if you're not drumming your fingers within three seconds of Skydiver, then you must almost certainly be dead and long since in your cold, cold grave.


It's a truly superb four minutes of country-influenced rock, with a bouncy banjo-driven track driving some slightly sinister, Deliverance-style lyrics. You'll listen to it again and again.


Meanwhile, Narcolepsy is the polar opposite, as if The Eagles had decided to reform for just one last song. Again. The bluesy tones wash over you like a cool autumn day, making you think of your best gal at high school and how you told her that you'd always be true, right before that tragic motorbike accident over on Dead Man's Curve. Well, something like that.


Overall, the two songs counterpoint each other nicely. Within ten minutes, you've been brought up to a nicely frenzied little bounce, before being wound down and laid to sleep. Goodness knows how exciting a whole album of this could be.