Daydreamer Music Reviews - April 2004 (E. Yorks)

'Skydiver' / 'Narcolepsy' Single review

Reviewed by: Paul Newbold

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Loudmouth Soup push the boat out with the steel guitar and banjo.


Loudmouth is a somewhat misleading name; I expected the raised voices of Pantera, the aggression of Audioslave, the rugged front line of The Cooper Temple Clause, the gravelly reception of The Vines or at least the haughty vocals of Liam Gallagher. After flicking the volume switch to MAX, clearing the room of all breakables, taking cover in a safe place and emotionally severing all ties with the neighbours, the loudmouth CD starts to roll. Fortunately it couldn't have been further from my initial thoughts, how I back-paddled after Jonny Backwater's charismatic guitar gradually surfaced along with Ben Hall's melodic vocals.

You can't help but to instantly warm to their sound, a light and convincing style drawn from varied influences. They've got a notable balance between the retrospective American sound and a more contemporary stance; it's as though they're reflecting on the past whilst eyeing the future.

Loudmouth Soup will appeal to a wide audience, their traditional sound should draw in a more mature range of listeners whilst also appealing to the younger audience searching for a less commercial and more time-honored answer to the trendy lo-fi bands such as The Strokes, Jet and the like.

The most striking element to Loudmouth Soup is their unpolluted style, they achieve a sincere sound which comes across as effortless and authentic. At no point during the demo does it feel as though they're merely just going through the motions, both tracks are more than songs; they're performances, they're dazzling, they're beautiful.


Rating: 4/5 - Tight performance of songs and varied use of instruments.