Leeds Music Scene - October 2004

The Faversham 16/10/04 Gig review

Reviewed by: Kelvin Hui

Web Site:  www.leedsmusicscene.co.uk


...The show ends with Loudmouth Soup. Now I'm not really too keen on the name, it keeps bringing up images of Bowling for Soup, the fat untalented beefcakes of pop rock, but anyways Loudmouth Soup are nothing like the American Michelin men.


Firstly they have talent and that's by the bucket load. Their fusion of classic indie and alternative country rock seemed effortless. They have the ability to create uplifting songs with a country flavour to it and then produce melancholic melodies, thus creating a very diverse sound and with shed loads of pedal steel and slide guitars any fans of country blues would easily feel at home. Songs such as "In the night" had a slight resemblance to Mercury Rev, whilst others had a very Superfurry's feel to which fused to the underlying country blues very well.


Overall it was an enjoyable night but the only dampener on the evening was the graveyard atmosphere of the venue, maybe we should have invited the wedding reception.