Leeds Music Scene - November 2004

The Faversham 05/11/04 Gig review

Reviewed by: Andy Buchan

Web Site:  www.leedsmusicscene.co.uk


 ...Bounding in somewhere between late Rolling Stones and employing a melodic Kinks vibe to good effect, their opener 'People' brings a fresh edge to their influences. With the band confident and chatty, their multi-instrumental approach gave the set real impetus with the tapping feet and nodding heads a sign of syncopated approval.


This was all obliterated however with a jaw dropping speed change towards the end of the set. More rock than country roll, it threatened to tear the roof of with its thunderously archived pop and hammering piano loop. More worryingly, a feedback frenzy that was anything but static groaned through the crowd as the sound man sloped off to the bar, only just dashing back as the next sonic boom threatened to de-ear you. Still, it was a tip-top set that rollicked and rolled in all the right places...