Partly Porpoise - February 2006

"MySpace" Song review

Reviewed by: Andrew Arnold

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Today’s band is Loudmouth Soup from Leeds, who bring us a rather fine cross between the Decembrists and Exile On Main Street Stones (in fact, as I listen further, I can hear some Little Feat in their too). All terrific influences, if you ask me.

I came across this lot when skimming through Myspace, and liked the four tracks that I downloaded immediately, thinking “ah here’s something new”. Turns out that I’m not quite the first onto “The Soup” (as I’m sure they like to be known).

Granted, there are a number of mentions on other Blogs, before this one. Also, at least three on-line magazines, got there before me. Oh. and Channel Four have been using “Skydiver” in “A Bear’s Tail”… And, yes, the band have actually appeared in the show themselves. Bloody Hell, even Chris Moyles has picked up on it, apparently. So, anyway, just remember kids, you heard it hear … fifth.