Sandman - May 2004 (Leeds)

'Skydiver' / 'Narcolepsy' Single review

Reviewed by: Chris Hastings

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Skydiver and narcolepsy are hopefully at opposite ends of the Loudmouth Soup spectrum, both being decent songs in their own right but each instantly creating a different mood and played in a different style. Skydiver reminds me slightly of The Bees’ nonchalant indie-pop; playing around the slightly comedic “When I land I’m gonna land on you” main line of the song, it has your foot taping within the first minute and keeps your interest for the further three.


Narcolepsy is far more melancholy and dramatic, sounding a bit like Dolly Parton and Major Tom’s bastard son. There is a lot of steel guitar strings and bottle neck slides, but it combines well. If all their tracks are as diverse as the two on this single, an EP or full length album would be well worth a listen