Student Guru - August 2005

The Faversham 27/08/05 Gig review

Reviewed by: Ivan Mack

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...Midway through the night and the crowd was picking up. After being largely unconvinced during the first couple of songs of the set, I concluded that I like what Loudmouth Soup do…mostly.  It’s the kind of emotive, folk/country pop rejuvenated by people like Ryan Adams but played and delivered from a very Brit-music standpoint. 


The songs are beautifully crafted lyrically and melodically and the band is clearly formed with some solid musicians, but in places the set became a little tepid.  I don’t speak for the majority of the punters though as people were gravitating toward the stage and by the time the ‘Soup led the crowd in a communal rendition of “You Are My Sunshine” there was definitely a party feel.  I’m just going to have to reserve judgment ‘till I can catch them play again...