Zine - November 2004

Interview by Jake Sinetos

Web Site: www.zinemag.co.uk


Loudmouth Soup are a Leeds-based band who play their own individual take on Country and Western music. They have a quirky sense of humour that makes them especially charming. Zine caught up with Ben, the lead singer, at the Fav.


What were you doing in Norway?

'That was actually a big lie. I looked at the website myself the other day and it said about going to Norway, so I emailed the guy who does the website and asked him about it. He said it sounds less boring than the fact that we've been doing nothing. He is going to make up places we've been to for all the quiet periods from now on.'


What is loudmouth soup?

'It's booze - our biggest inspiration. We heard it on that silly film Dumb and Dumber. There is a band in America with the same name and they emailed us saying 'change your name or we'll sue'. We just emailed them back saying come over here and say that'. They never did.'


Are you originally from Leeds?

'I am - the core of the band is me and my brother. The rest of the band are from various other places.'


How long have you been playing?

`We were a different band before, called Striker. We got a production deal and did quite a bit of recording, but that a fell to pieces. Three of that band went on to form this band about four years ago.'


How would you describe your sound?

'I think we sound contemporary, without being part of any contemporary thing at the minute. I think we sound kind of rustic and natural, real. It's just about doing your own thing rather than trying to bandwagon jump.'


Who are your main influences?

`We are quite influenced by people we know, and other bands around here. There's not just the five of us, we are part of a bigger community. We play with other musicians and bounce off them.'


What do you think of the current UK music scene?

`It is quite strong in Leeds, there are some good bands around at the moment. Nervous Shakedown are good, and Black Wire are really nice to look at; I don't care what they sound like, I just like looking at them.'


What was the last CD you bought?

'I can't remember: it was either the new Thrills album, or the new Libertines album.'


What do you think of The Thrills?

'I like what they try to do, but they seem a bit scared to go the whole hog, and the words are awful.


And The Libertines?

'They are a perfect cliched rock and roll horror show. It's brilliant.'


Finally, if you had to have plastic surgery, what would you get?

Buttock implants because I'm a bit skinny.